15 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya

Dear Guests and Patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the summertime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Saturday 17th of June. Come and relax in a cooling atmosphere of ochaya along with the traditional Japanese music and the rustle of silk sleeves. You'll be offered special Miyagawacho "flying" sake and delicious green tea served by maikos of Hanafusa okiya
Date: Saturday 17th of June
Time: 12 pm slt
Here is your taxihttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/220/44/25

14 June 2017

Ozashiki at Oume

Maiko at Ozashiki

Not only Hanafusa okiya maiko perform at Hanahusa ochaya. During weeks there are ozashiki also at Oume - high class wine restaurant where maiko san serve and dance for guests same as during saturday ozashikis. Here guests can enjoy expensive types of wines and converse with intelligent yet humble maiko or geiko.
This ozashiki was provided by the proprietress of the Oume, whi invited Maiko Kikutsuru as oldest maiko, two younger maikos Kikune and Kikuyae and Minarai Kikuteru. Oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru played shamisen and provided the music accompaniment for the ozashiki. Younger maiko and minarai chatted with guests, alongside learning the way of perfect behavior from their older sister. They watched her moves and way she speaks, so that in the future teach their imoutos the ideal way of being a maiko.

11 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya (Saturday 10th of June)

Maiko Kikumaru during her dance
Yesterday Hanahusa ochaya held an ozashiki for the members of the hanamachi. This was quiet yet cozy event: ochaya commissioned traditional Japanese summer sweets, cold types of tea and unique Miyagawacho "flying" sake. Maiko Kikune and Kikuyae served guests with great care while young Maiko Kikuteru, who debuted not far back in time, was to "look and learn".
After the guests have finished their meal, candles were lit and Maiko Kikumaru performed poetical dance called "The fan of Lady Izumi"(both poem and dance is created by her).
Though it was a simple event, it is great honor to entertain such a delightful audience. In every dace, in every sake cup, in any move maiko or geiko share their love and admiration for the profession, even in sl...

9 June 2017

Okiya News!

Dear guests and readers of my blog,
I am happy to announce that Maiko Kikune of Hanafusa okiya is now ichinimae maiko, meaning that she has stepped into her second year as a Maiko san. She will have different kanzashi from her younger sisters, Kikushino and Kikuyae, yet no ones that her older sisters wear. Also she will have difference in make up from her neechans..Well, let me explain this to you, using pictures of our little summer star ^^
Maiko Kikune in 1st year maiko attire
On this picture you can see Junior Maiko Kikune as a Haninmae or 1st Year Maiko, same as Maiko Kikushino and Kikuyae. Her hairdo is called wareshinobu, decorated with seasonal kanzashi. She is wearing a "dangling" part, that resembles her young stature. Her make up has lots of pink and has only the lower lip painted.
Her duty is mostly to serve food and drinks, welcoming guests at ozashiki; rarely dance as they need to learn all dances by heart. And that does take a lot of time. Right before a maiko changes rank, she can be allowed to wear clothes from the
next rank. Here we see young maiko
Maiko kikune in her 2nd year attire
wearing more senior kimono.
On the second picture you can see Kikune san as she is now, ichinmae maiko or second year maiko. She is still wearing her wareshinobu hairdo and she'll continue wearing it till her mizuage. If you look at the kanzashi, the "dangling" part is missing. Also you can notice that her upper lip is painted. Though, lips are not as big are of Maiko Kikutsuru or Maiko Kikumaru. Also she will have her eri(collar) decorated with more white, which will show that she is maturing. She is now also having more variety in semiformal outfits. Also she will start performing more at ozashikis. With new rank comes new responsibilities, but let us all wish her look as the hardest year is behind. Omedetou san dosu!

6 June 2017

June Kitsuke of Hanafusa okiya members

As the temperature is rising dramatically, The Geiko san and Maiko san of Hanafusa okiya change
their warm lined hikizuri to unlined ones. Their everyday wardrobes have changed too - now you can meet a maiko, walking to her lessons at Nyokoba, wearing a nice summer yukata with a summer  fan, called uchiwa, in her hand...

Geiko Kikuyu
Okaasan Kikuyu in her June semiformal attire
For June, Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen a light green susohiki that fades into white near the hem. This susohiki has a special effect - it gives you the feeling of freshness and has a cooling effect on your mind and body. Near the hem we can see the white juban with red flowers. This style of juban is only used by mature geiko san.
The obi sash is black with golden and orange geometrical pattern. It is tied in a style called "drum"(taiko).
Her hair is decorated with a woden kushi, usually used for summer months and a maezashi hairpin. As you can recall from my previous posts, geiko san wear wigs, called Katsura, while maiko san wear hairdos made from their own hair.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru
Senior Maiko Kikutsuru wearing her June semiformal attire
Kikutsuru san is wearing a multi seasonal bright green hikizuri made with shibori technique with hand-painted motifs of origami cranes, flowers and fans. This is an absolutely new hikizuri and she is the first to wear it. Her juban is red and features summer waves alongside seashells and sea stars.
Her obi is black, featuring summer flowers painted on fan shaped golden backgrounds.
In her hand she is holding her kago basket that has a goldfish trinket and goldfish pattern.
Her hairdo is called Ofuku and is decorated with seasona ajisai kanzashi. This month has two flowery symbols - willow tree and ajisai(hydrangea flowers).
Let's also remember that this is the last year of Kikutsuru as a Maiko. Next year at this time she will be wearing a beautiful Geiko's susohiki, meaning she will be a geiko san. Susohiki and hikizuri is the same style of Kimono worn, by both Geiko and Maiko. what makes the two different, is that in the style of a Geiko hikizuri/susohiki the shoulder nor sleeve area have tucks, the sleeves are also shorter, they reach to about the hips or upper thighs of the Geiko. The Maiko's susohiki/hikizuri have tucks in the shoulders, as well as tucks in the sleeves, the sleeves is also very long reaching nearly to the ankle of the maiko.

Senior Maiko Kikumaru
Senior Maiko Kikumaru wearing her June semiformal attire
As June is quite a hot month, Maiko Kikumaru has chosen a white hikizuri with a blue dew on grass pattern all over. It is called Tsuyushiba. As one younger maiko said: "It looks like clouds on the sky". Her Juban has a spring/summer/autumn pattern.
It is held by the long Darari obi, that is a Hakata obi in the Kenjo gera design (that type of obi design has length-wise stripes). In the end of the obi you can see the mon (crest) of Hanafusa okiya.
In her hands she is holding blue kago with star trinket and small stars painted on the kago itself.
She has the same hairstyle as her oneesan, Maiko Kikutsuru but as Kikumaru san is younger, the kanoko on her ofuku is pink. It is decorated with similar ajisai kanzashi as the hairdo of her oneesan.

Junior Maiko Kikune
Maiko Kikune has become ichinmae maiko. You can read about it >here<
Junior Maiko kikune wearing her semiformal June attire
Maiko Kikune san is now a second year maiko so not only her looks but also her wardrobe has been changed. Now she can wear more elaborate and "mature" hikizuri like this subtle green, that has pattern only on her left shoulder.
Her juban is multiseasonal, with decorative flowers and willow. Her obi is black with butterfly pattern. This is another innovation in her carrier - she is allowed to use darker colors, like black. ( which all ranks may wear occasionally, but it is always preferred bright colours on younger apprentices)
As she is still jr Maiko, her hairdo is the same as it was before, it is called Wareshinobu. While senior Maiko can choose between willow and hydrangea kanzashi, Junior maiko do not have this choice. That is why Kikune san's hair is crowned with willow kanzashi, though shorter than her young sisters.

Junior Maiko Kikushino
Junior Maiko Kikushino wearing her semiformal attire
Junior Maiko Kikushino wearing her semiformal attire
Young Maiko Kikushino is wearing an extremely summertime hikizuri - it features hydrangea, lilies and water handicapped motifs. Her juban is similar to her neesans and features decorative flowers.
Her obi is beige and is decorated with hydrangea flowers and some geometrical motifs.
In her hands she is holding a similar kago as her oneesan, Maiko Kikutsuru, but this has a different color.
Her hairdo is Wareshinobu(same as Kikune san) and it is decorated with willow kanzashi. She is still a 1st year maiko so she has to use the "dangling" kanzashi. These dangling type of kanzashi are childish in style and are to show the young stature of maiko.

Junior Maiko Kikuyae
Junior Maiko Kikuyae wearing her June semiformal attire
Junior Maiko Kikuyae wearing her June semiformal attire
The youngest maiko of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikuyae is wearing white with orange geometrical figures in a shibori styled hikizuri. Her juban is similar to Kikutsuru san's and it is a very Summertime in style.
Her Obi has an orange background with dew on grass pattern. Her Orange obi fits the orange geometrical figures on the hikizuri.
Her hair is styled in the traditional junior maiko hairdo. Her kanzashi are willow styled ones and are similar to Kikushino neesan.
In a short time, Kikuyae chan will become 2nd year maiko. Until than she will be decorating her hair with dangling kanzashi and painting only lower lip.

Minarai Kikuteru
Young Minarai Kikuteru
The youngest member of Hanafusa okiya, Minarai Kikuteru, who has debuted less than two weeks ago is now starting to get more involved in the life of the Karyukai. She is already invited to the ozashiki alongside her older sisters to observe the job from the shortest distance. She will only get a few chances to dance for guests but she can help her older sisters with serving food and drinks to guests. She is also helping to guide the visitors of Kyoto kagai around the sim. Her mentor and older sister was chosen Maiko Kikutsuru.

Minarai Kikuteru in her June attire
In Miyagawacho, Minarai do not wear special minarai outfits all the time during the rank. In more or less 2 weeks from the minaraia,
she will start wearing the same hikizuri as Junior maiko does. Also in Miyagawacho Minarai san do not wear minarai kanzashi, but those worn by junior maiko. This time it is willow. Her hikizuri has a blue background with water and seashell game pattern. Her eri is almost fully red with a beautiful auspicious crane pattern. This should bring her luck on the path she has chosen.

28 May 2017

Minarai Kikuteru(Hanafusa Okiya)

Minarai Kikuteru during her Minaraia celebrations in Hanahusa ochaya
Every time i see a new girl debuting as minarai it makes me rejoice as never before. Seeing a new soul that has chosen the path of apprentice and Kyoto Kagai sim as her home is like a new start appearing in the sky - bright little dot who has a long way before her until she becomes a gorgeous and magnificent sun ...Until she becomes a geiko...
Yesterday, a young minarai took her first step into the "Flower and Willow world". Many of you, my dear readers, might not agree with me. You might say "This is not first step, she has been shikomi for nearly three month and shikomi is first rank?!". I would smile and disagree. Indeed, when a girl come to the okiya she gets involved in the life of Karyukai, but more inner, more"domestic" should i say. She helps her older sisters and does chores;  classes are taken so to prepare her for the future career. BUT. She does not go to ozashiki with her sisters neither is she know around the hanamachi. And most important - she has not gained her "geimei" or stage name. This specific part, i should say is most important. When times comes and girl is ready to debut as minarai, Okaasan chooses a perfect name for her - the one that should contain family name (Hanafusa okiya has "Kiku" part), part of girls own name and part of her oneesan's name. Also it has to resemble with girls nature and should bring luck, meaning it has to have auspicious number of charters. After she was given a new name and is presented(it is similar ceremony ot the one held when girl debuts as Maiko, "Misedashi" walking rounds), from that essential moment she starts playing her role in the life of the karyukai. Indeed this role is small, but that is until she debuts as maiko ,which i must say, is not far away in time from now.
As for now, let us all welcome is delicate flower and wish her luck on her path. Her mentor-to-be was chosen Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, who is also oneesan of Kikumaru, Kikune and Kikushino so there is no doubt that with a good teacher as is Kikutsuru san, little Kikuteru will learn to be the proud maiko from Hanafusa okiya.
"Omedetou san dosu Kikuteru chan. You Okaasan and sisters are proud of you"

27 May 2017

Minaraia in Hanahusa ochaya

Dear guests and partrons,
We would like to invite you to special ozashiki that will be hold in Hanahusa ochaya this Saturday. During this event you will witness the minarai debut of new member of Hanafusa okiya. We keep her professional name in secret so those who come ozashiki will be first one to know. But you can always try to guess ^^

Date: Saturday 27th
Time: 12 pm slt
Hanahusa Ochayahttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/220/44/25